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LIMIT - 1 PER PERSON! If you order more than ONE your purchase will be refunded.

First 25 orders will get the Jackson lanyard from the original drop.


This is an 8 X 5 website exclusive copy of No Place To Hide featuring a brand new cover, blackout interior, NSFW artwork, and more!



All I wanted was one night. A simple night of fun with my friends at the carnival. I didn’t know I’d spend it learning things I never knew about myself. Every twist and turn of our game brings us deeper into our desires. But what’s a little pain if it’s mixed with unimaginable pleasure?



All I wanted was one night. A simple night of peace doing my job. I didn’t know I’d spend it pushing the boundaries with a girl I just met. The stakes get higher the longer the game goes on. For the first time in my life, will only one night be enough?


No Place To Hide contains mature and graphic content that is not suitable for all audiences. Please check the content warnings at the front of the book before proceeding.


Cover and Interior Formatting: Design by Charly

No Place To Hide - Signed Website Exclusive

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